Okay folks, here's the application for joining the 76th. There are some guidelines that must be followed if you wish to march with us at D*Con or represent us at any other convention. We recognize that our uniform requirements might not be for everybody, but they're required to be followed if you're going to be part of the 76th in an official capacity or march in the parade. If you don't want to join us, we still love to see other Browncoats out there! Come say hello if you see us!

1. You will wear the 76th patch on your uniform.

2: You will follow any costume guidelines set. Most of what we have is malleable, but the one item that must be uniform is the weapon. See the uniform section for details.

3. You will represent us in a positive light. Basically, try not to get into any fights while in uniform.

4. Have fun.

Simply copy the information below into an email and send it to: 76thwebsite@gmail.com

As soon as you send in the application, please sign up on the 76th messageboard located here: http://76thbattalion.proboards59.com/index.cgi

Please use the same email address and callsign as you did in your application. The process of approving the applicatiions takes a little while, so be patient. If you have not heard anything in ten days, please contact us at 76thwebsite@gmail.com and let us know. Please let us know the date you applied, as sometimes emails do get lost.

Signing up on the messageboard is important, as the information there is more in-depth than can be found here.

NOTE: While we appreciate the hard work and bravery of military service members, everybody starts out as a Private in the 76th. No exceptions are made for real-world military experience.

Personal Information:


Past military experience?: (Not necessary, obviously, but share if you'd like)

Past Fandom experience?: (Also not necessary, but agan, feel free to share)

When were you introduced to Firefly?

How'd you hear about the 76th?:

Unit Information:

We'll need the following information to add you to the site:

Last name: (real or made up)
Hometown: (Current city, state, country of residence - please provide a state as a minimum so we can place you in your Company!)
Callsign: (This will be your "handle" on the messageboard.)