List of all Officers and Enlisted by rank. For an application, click here.

Battalion Commanding Officer:

LTC Boothe
Hometown: Richmond, VA USA
Callsign: Browncoat1

Battalion Executive Officer:

MAJ Kinnerson
Hometown: Los Angelas, CA USA
Callsign: Akin

Battalion Sergeant Major:

SGM Ernoehazy
Hometown: Jacksonville, FL USA
Callsign: DocJubal

Battalion Adjutant:

LT Whent
Hometown: Anniston, AL USA
Callsign: Lokis

Adjutant to the CO:

LT Rosetta
Hometown: Marietta, GA USA
Callsign: Phoebe

Battalion Recruiting Officer:

SSG Murphy
Hometown: Douglasville, GA USA
Callsign: Tink

Retired Battalion Officers:

COL O'Tearney IA Ret
Hometown: Anniston, AL USA
Callsign: Tristan

MAJ Lazarus IA Ret
Hometown: New Berlin, WI USA
Callsign: BabyWithThePower

LTC Zephyr IA Ret
Hometown: Marietta, GA USA
Callsign: Zephyr

Alpha Company - Southeast USA

Bravo Company - Southwest USA

Charlie Company - Northwest USA

Delta Company - Midwest USA

Echo Company - Northeast USA

Foxtrot Company - Canada

Golf Company - Europe

Hotel Company - Africa

India Company - Australia

Juliet Company - Asia


These are those that, though they don't march with us, have made huge contributions.

Ali 'BoomerGoodHeart"
Hometown: St. Louis, MO USA
Callsign: LegendLeatherwrks
Renegade Military Supplier

The Bedlam Bards
Cedric and Hawke


Members of other groups who share our vision, but are not part of the 76th itself.

Lt Gwen MacKenzie, 501st Armored Cavalry

Browncoats of the World

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