The 76th Independent Battalion's primary longarm is the G36 and its variants, in keeping with the depictions of Independents in Firefly.

So, let's begin with some basics.

The real-life weapons system, the Heckler and Koch G36, comes in several flavors. Zoe is carrying...

... the G36K (either "kompact" or "karbine"; I've found varying designations for the K-model). The G36K has a middling length front grip, with four lozenge shaped vent holes a side, as shown on this Airsplat model:

If you're a purist, the standard rifleman for the 76th would carry this arm.

If you're on a budget, though, any of the shorter-barreled airsoft models will do. These have two holes on the forestock, and portray what in real life is the G36C ("commando" or really compact. ).

Any trooper carrying these is doing right fine by themselves.

If you're a heavy weapon specialist, medic, or the like, I recommend looking specifically for the G36C airsoft models put out by Double Eagle. They allow you to take the forearm guard and stock off, providing you a very very short weapon as your Personal Defense Weapon:

For volunteers on a budget? Two other pieces of advice when Ebay surfing:

  • Look for the "spring" airsoft rifles; they are less expensive than the motorized airsoft rifles.
  • Make sure you look for a 1:1 scale model. Some airsofties are 2/3 or 3/4 scale, not full scale.

If there are G36Cs and G36Ks, what's the plain old G36?

This is a picture of the airsoft version of the G36. Six vent holes, a long foreguard, long barrel. The real weapon has a slightly longer barrel forward of the grip, with a long flash hider.

Since the "average weapon" on the screen carried by Independents is a G36K (four holes), I recommend using models of G36s for sniper and LMG kitbashing.

Finally, there's the SL8, a civilian version of the G36, which makes a great looking sniper rifle (pictured here with addition of a full sniper kit):

Side Arms

Sidearms are left up to the individual, but the Command Staff reserves the right to say no if they feel it doesn't fit with the 76th. If you need guidance, contact a member of the Command Staff. We prefer you find a brown holster, but it's not necessary.